Stop carrying around multiple phones and sim cards!

  • Amazing call quality
  • No E-sim, no problem
  • Mute, block, & report spam

    Calls, Texts and USSD. Try it for yourself.

    LeDunia was built for Africans and anyone who wants high quality calls and texts to africa. USSD is just the cherry on top.

    Get a local number

    Get a local number

    A local number for you to give out to friends and family so they can reach you wherever you are.

    USSD like a pro

    USSD like a pro

    USSD like a local, just with a modern UI. Use any of the 100 of USSD codes you would back home.

    SMS texts in-app

    SMS texts in-app

    Your LeDunia SMS messages are all available inapp and backed up securely on our servers, no need for backups.

    Get your number today

    It takes 30 seconds to sign up. Download the app and create an account today.

    Everyone is changing their life with LeDunia.

    Hundreds of people have already experienced LeDunia.

    Frequently asked questions

    If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

      • Why do you need my ID?

        When you get a number from LeDunia, it’s the same as getting a sim from a local carrier and so local KYC laws apply. These are securely shared with our telecom partners.

      • How much does it cost?

        We have not launched yet, but pricing will be confirmed when we launch.

      • Can my relatives call me on LeDunia?

        Yes, anyone can call or text your LeDunia number at local rates saving them money.

      • Whats the minimum iOS/Android version?

        We support platforms greater than Android 8.0 (Oreo) and iOS 12. Keep in mind the specs fo your device will affect performance.

      • Where is LeDunia based?

        LeDunia is US based company based in Delaware. Our team works from all over the world.

      • Is there any age limit to LeDunia?

        We must follow local laws when issuing numbers there for you must be the age of majority in your country, in most cases this is 18.

      • Are you coming to my country?

        We have plans to launch in multiple countries with our telco partners. If you are a telco interested in partnering, get in touch.

      • Do USSD codes work?

        Yes all USSD codes are supported just like a local phone wherever you are in the world.

      • Do I have to move my number to LeDunia?

        No, we work in partnership with telco. You stay with your telco, but access your existing service through LeDunia.